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Jul Designs - Filigree Honeybee Shawl Stick

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  • Marke Jul Design
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Tuchnadel mit einer Biene aus weißem Messing

Handgemacht und FairTrade aus Indonesien!

Aus gegossenem und handpoliertem weißem Messing.

Die Nadel ist ca. 10,16 cm und mit Biene ca. 13,34 cm lang.


Marion & Astrid meinen:

Es ist eine Biiiiiiene! Und sie ist sehr hübsch! <3


JUL Designs meint:

Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
White Brass
Stick length: 4 inches
Total length: 5.25 inches

Who doesn't love pollinators? This lovely filigree honeybee was a long time in the making.  We started working on this design over a year ago.  We began with a realistic design but our wax worker, who was to carve the wax that would become a metal master in the lost-wax casting process, passed on the project saying that our detail was to fine.  Several simpler iterations were similarly rejected.  In a moment of frustration and insight I said - let's just make it in filigree!  My Balinese creative partner, Agus, can do filigree designs in his sleep.  Filigree is a conventional Balinese visual language that Agus has so deeply internalized that it is virtually effortless for him to come up with beautiful swirling designs and delicate lines.  We are delighted with the results and we think you will be too.


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